Post-game Wrap in Texas with Special Guest

Quick blog post because we gotta get on the road to Houston…

Zack got his game ball in Arlington, Texas last night.  We thought it this was going to be one of our tougher tour stops because we knew there was going to be a big crowd in Texas.  Friday night, fireworks after the game, 1st place team… all of those factors add some complexity to snagging baseballs.  Fortunately, Zack was able to snag a game ball in the 3rd inning when the Boston catcher tossed one up to him after a 3rd out strikeout.

After the gameball was snagged, Zack headed out to the outfield to hang out with a guy named Trent Williams.  Trent is also known as the Greene’s Hill Kid and has made quite a name for himself because he is the guy who catches home run balls on the centerfield lawn in Arlington.  Check out this awesome snag.

No home runs were hit in the game, but it was still fun to catch up with Trent.  Here’s Zack’s recap of the day with Trent.